Our facilities & technologies

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Our expertise: GMP fine chemicals production

Production is carried out from pilot to «commercial» quantities in our 60m3 multipurpose plant.

In our 60 to 6000 liter reactors (stainless-steel, glass-lined) we are able to perform a wide range of reactions.

This plant is operating under GMP conditions, and includes different types of dedicated finishing equipment (filter dryers, drying ovens, stirred dryer) located in class ISO-8 rooms.

It is producing its own reverse osmosis water. 


Our production site is located in St Pierre-Les-Elbeuf, France.  

Regulatory compliance, respect of the environment and co-workers safety are top priorities for our company.

Our facility is inspected by the French national EHS authorities on a regular basis.

We are decreasing the amount of solvent used on site every year and favor the use of non-hazardous ones.
Non-recyclable waste is collected by approved and specialized external companies.

Our main activity: organic synthesis.

Key chemical reactions:

  • Peptide formation
  • Friedel and Craft
  • Ether formation
  • Reduction of ketones, amides, esters
  • N-Alkylation
  • Esterification
  • Hydrochloride formation
  • Grignard reactions
  • Oxidation
  • Saponification

The overall reaction capacity represents 60 m3 with:

  • 7 stainless-steel reactors

  • 18 glass-lined reactors


Other equipment includes filtration and finishing gears:

  • 2 pressure filters including one combined dryer
  • 5 stainless steel centrifuges
  • 1 ventilated dryer and 3 vacuum ovens
  • 4 sizing and sieving mills


The plant is organized in four workshops.

Pharmaceutical ingredients workshop


10 references of API:

  • Dibucaine HCl 
  • Dibucaine Base
  • Amorolfine HCl
  • Trepibutone


Cosmetic active ingredients workshop




20 references including several under contract.

4 proprietary:

  • SLIM EC3® 

Cosmetic gels workshop




These gels of various viscosities are used by the cosmetic industry in personal care formulations

Some are multi-clients while other are contract manufactured.


Natural extraction workshop 


We perform the extraction and purification of Esculin from Horse Chestnut bark.

This molecule has venotonic properties.

It can be used in pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations and in microbiology diagnostics.


Every year, an important part of the profits is reinvested into various areas of our production site to ensure continuous improvement of facility and productivity.