Spotlight on French Personal Care Market at in-cosmetics Asia 2016

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During the in-cosmetics Asia event, raw material & ingredients suppliers based in France will showcase their latest innovations to an audience of cosmetics manufacturers. Additionally, one of the leading cosmetic industry commentators L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques will provide valuable insights into the French market, aimed at helping Asia-based manufacturers launch new products in the country.

France is a powerhouse of the industry. Despite its fragile economy, the country’s consumers remain among the world’s biggest spenders on beauty and personal care products, spending €202 (£181.9) per capita in 2015 according to Euromonitor International.

French Ingredients in the Spotlight

Visitors to in-cosmetics Asia will be presented with a plethora of new ingredients from across the globe. In the new Spotlight On France area, five suppliers have been selected to highlight their innovations – SILAB, AIGLON, INABATA, SOPHIM and Lipoid Kosmetik.

  • SILAB will introduce its ETERNALINE®, which regenerates the extracellular matrix by stimulating the synthesis of periostin.
  • AIGLON’s VEGGIE GEL is a natural transparent, crystal clear, odourless and tasteless gel that is an easy to use thickener for formulations. It is ideal in suncare, skincare, gloss and other cosmetics. 
  • INABATA will showcase its INACLEAR whitening active ingredient, which has received 90% positive feedback on its whitening effect and 86% positive comments on complexion uniformity.
  • SOPHIM’s VEGELINE ingredient is a new natural, sensorial and functional emollient with a nice skin feel that is less greasy than petrolatum and has no sticky residual effect.
  • Lipoid Kosmetik will present its new Maritime Pine (FR) Herbasol® Eco ingredient, which provides various properties that are beneficial to the skin, including UV-protection and excellent antioxidative activity.


Key Trends in French Beauty Market

During her eagerly anticipated Marketing Trends presentation, Laurence Wittner from L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques highlights seven key trends that are influencing the French beauty market. 

She explores the growing demand for natural and sustainable products and how French manufacturers are looking to surprise their customers through unique textures and sensations. The use of consumer technology will also be discussed, along with the opportunity to tap into the protection products area. 

Laurence Wittner said: “The Asian market has a huge influence on the French personal care sector. We commonly say ‘the winds come from the East’ and we’re seeing consumers increasingly looking at the types of product and regimes used in Asia.
“There is a huge opportunity for Asia Pacific-based manufacturers to develop their businesses in Europe, particularly in France. in-cosmetics Asia is the ideal platform for the industry to identify the latest trends and ingredients that will enable them to grow abroad.”

In addition to the Spotlight On area, 13 France-based ingredients suppliers are displaying in the in-cosmetics Asia French Pavilion, including Coverpla, Lessonia, Aldivia, Business France and TECHNATURE.

About in-cosmetics Asia

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