SLIM EC3 Special Dossier INGREDIENTS Expression Cosmétique, N°44, Mars –Avril 2017

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This slimming, multi-active complex combines four ingredients: Esculin, Camellia, Carnitine and Caffeine. Camellia oil with nourishing, softening and relaxing properties inspired research and led to the creation of this new natural active. It stimulates FFAR4 receptors involved in the mechanism of lipolysis activation, like Caffeine, which acts by increasing cAMP levels. When compared to each ingredient taken separately, the lipolytic activity of the complex is more than doubled. Camellia increases tenfold, the level of the HSL lipolytic enzyme and in its presence, an increase in the phosphorylation of the protein can be observed. As for Carnitine and Esculine, they take part in the removal of fatty acids.”