INACLEAR finalist for the best active ingredient award at in-cosmetics global 2016

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A host of companies in the cosmetics industry are celebrating after learning that their ingredients have been shortlisted for the prestigious Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award ahead of this year’s in-cosmetics event in Paris. 16 of the sector’s most innovative products will battle it out to be crowned Gold, Silver and Bronze winners on 13 April, giving visitors a glimpse into the future of cosmetic formulation.

Fig. 1: in-cosmetics 2016

Judged by a panel of experts, the in-cosmetics Best Ingredient Award honors the development of a novel active or functional ingredient – featured in the Innovation Zone. The nominated products combine innovative science and product features in a way that demonstrates substantial benefits to manufacturers and end-users when compared to existing ingredients. Solutions appearing in this year’s shortlist include pore minimizers, anti-ageing actives and a biodegradable glitter, among others.

The finalists are divided into two categories – Active and Functional ingredients – as follows:

Finalists: Active ingredients

  • Ashland with Blumilight™ biofunctional: Details will be revealed at in-cosmetics in Paris.
  • BASF Beauty Care Solutions with Lys’sun, the first active ingredient that corrects solar elastosis damage and acts as a powerful shield against photo-aging by rebalancing the expression between LOX-L and Elastin under UV.
  • DSM Nutritional Products Ltd with SYN-UP™: Details will be revealed at in-cosmetics in Paris.
  • GIVAUDAN (Soliance – Induchem) with NEUROPHROLINE™, the first generation of cosmetic active ingredients able to block the production of cortisol. Developed from wild indigo seeds, used in Ayurvedic medicine, this active also claims to promote the release of endorphins.
  • INABATA with INACLEAR®, a brand-new multi-action lightening ingredient that acts on an original physiological signaling pathway. Mimetic of the physiologic palmo-plantar whitening, INACLEAR is said to work at a genetic level to inhibit melanosynthesis and decrease melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes.
  • Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Miniporyl™, a picture-perfect pore minimizer designed to rebalance three skin conditions responsible for pore enlargement (excess sebum production, incomplete keratinocyte differentiation and loss of skin firmness).
  • Solabia Group with Redyless® is based on piperonyl glucose, an innovative molecule obtained by enzyme biocatalysis dedicated to controlling instantaneous and transient redness (flushing) or chronic redness (rosacea) to gain comfort and a harmonious complexion