Sensory bar

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Come have a look at our formulations on the Sensory Bar at In-Cosmetics in Barcelona!

All our formulations contain Inagel® Green, your best texture ally!

INAGEL® GREEN is a natural texturizing agent based on a polymer extracted from Konjac, a traditional Japanese ingredient. This easy-to-use pre-dispersed mixture offers a synergetic effect to enhance the sensory profile of your cosmetic formulations. The unique blend of its components has multiple functions illustrated here with 3 products:

  • Gelling, texturizing and thickening agent in a soft “solid-to-cream” hair conditioner, with a great cushion effect.
  • Co-emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer in a light yet enveloping facial cream
  • Suspending power to obtain a fluid and covering tinted serum, in the simplest chassis


"Solid-to-cream" conditioner