About us

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In 1990, INABATA France was founded, at first, to support chemical and pharmaceutical products exportation to Japan.

Then PHARMASYNTHESE was acquired in 2006, leading to internalization of a production site specialized in chemical synthesis.

Nowadays, INABATA/PHARMASYNTHESE offer a wide variety of services including sourcing, manufacturing and development of raw materials mainly for pharmaceutic and cosmetic use.


Learn more about our production site Pharmasynthese


For our sourcing activities we are applying Good Distribution Practices.

External manufacturers are strictly selected by our team of chemistry experts.

Extra services can be provided on demand by customers prior to dispatch such as:


    • Analysis of pre-shipment samples by our Quality Control department in France

    • Audits of suppliers

    • Storage and dispatch of goods from our warehouse


INABATA Group was established in Kyoto, In 1890, by Mr Katsutaro Inabata, after he studied dyes technology in France.
First as an importer and seller of synthetic dyes, then keeping the chemical business as its core activity INABATA has brought over the expansion into such product areas as electronic materials, housing materials, and food.
Our history of business expansion has also been a process of developing capabilities in such functions as market development, manufacturing/processing, distribution, and financing.
Today, the INABATA Group is a network of 60 subsidiaries in 17 countries worldwide, and overseas sales account for over 50% of consolidated net sales.
With our broad and extensive global network we will continue to provide premium solutions to our customers.