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This one-step easy to use product will simplify the work of formulators.The premixed liquid form does not need any pre-dispersion nor neutralisation.It helps save energy thanks to an efficacy under cold process and a low mixing speed required. Available in 3 grades to fit all your needs.

- INAGEL OIL: recommended for make-up and hair care. Gives a rich feeling to your formula and improve the pigments spreading and covering. Lowers the high-peak to improve sprayability.

- INAGEL SM: Recommended for cream-gel and serums. Provides fluidity and quick breaking effect to your product texture while being fresh and non-greasy.

- INAGEL VV: Recommended for rich skin care and hair care. Leaves a rich after-feel on skin and has film forming properties. It's strong texturizing and nice glowing effect can help you develop very high viscosity range of products like hair styling wax.